Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yummy Macarons - Part Two

I couldn't resist and bought a Berry Cheesecake and a bag of dark chocolate to make hot chocolate in addition to the macarons.

I went to Thomas Haas around noon on a Saturday. The place was packed! I wasted no time and went straight to the counter where the pretty little round delicacies are.
They had 12 different varieties that you can buy individually or pre-packaged box of 6. Being the person that I am, I chose to pick my own box of 6. I got cassis, passionfruit, raspberry, mango-coconut, pistachio and kalamansi.

From left to right: kalamansi, pistachio, passionfruit, raspberry, mango-coconut and cassis.

Yummy cassis - you can definitely taste the tart and sweet black current filling; mango-coconut - the mango filling was a little on the sweet side and you can't taste the coconut in the meringue; raspberry - this was so yummy! You can a combination of smooth creamy filling and a jam-like ganache right in the center.

Pistachio - I can smell the roasted pistachio but cannot taste it in the creamy filling; kalamansi - very nice sweet creamy filling with a small piece of kalamansi (Chinese orange) fruit in the center; passionfruit - another really yummy flavour!

Visit them at 2539 West Broadway in Vancouver.

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