Monday, March 19, 2012

Wearing Now ~ casual plaid and cable knit

Strolling the beach on a freezing March Sunday (kind of a crazy idea considering I was recovering from a cold!). We are trying to get Georges-Francois (our French bulldog) out to meet other doggies. GF's hoodie is from Barking Babies in Yaletown in case you want to dress your dog up too!

Jacket - Khaju Clothing from SHIPS Japan (last seen here)
Shirt - TNA from Aritzia (last seen here)
Sweater - J.Crew
Jeans - J Brand
Scarf - Free to Vancouver Yogi (pretty much free care of Nicky of Violet Hill Boutique) Thank you!
Accessories - Forever 21 bracelet, Christian Dior Lady Dior watch, kabbalah evil eye bead bracelet (again, care of Violet Hill Boutique
Shoes - CAR SHOE loafer (old). This is a brand owned by Prada and their shoes are really comfy and the leather is extremely butter-y. You can get them online or from Saks and Neiman Marcus.


  1. love you CD watch ,beautiful,and your dog it's so so so sweet

    start to follow your blog :-)
    thanks a lot for your com

  2. OMG!! how cute is your dogg!!! :) Love the second picture!!



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