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How To: Decide Which Celine Bag To Buy

Hi Everyone, thanks for all your support and for reading my blog. Since I have had a lot of comments on my Celine bag and a lot of questions from friends and people on the streets asking about the size, price, where to buy, etc etc....I thought I'd write a post about it.

First off, the model that I have is the Celine Mini Luggage (tote), measuring 12" W x 12" H x 7" D (excluding wings). It is a bi-colour (forest green and black) in lamb skin on the interior and calf leather on the exterior. See my Mini Luggage here and here.

As nerdy as it will sound, I actually did a lot of research before purchasing the bag. The reasons being there are just so many styles, sizes, colour combinations and types of leather to choose from. Where would one begin, right? It is also next to impossible to find it in store so I couldn't even touch one before giving away my credit card number to some stranger overseas! Now that I've done all the leg work and got the bag I wanted, I am sharing with you my compiled research.

Style / Model / Size / Price:

The ever popular Luggage (smallest to largest) - Nano; Micro; Mini; Shoulder; Medium.
Nano - 8″H x 8″W x 4″D  | $1,950+
Micro - 10″H x 10″W x 6″D  | $2,200+
Mini - 12″H x 12″W x 7″D  | $2,400 - $3,900 and if you must splurge
Shoulder - 12″H x 15″W x 7″D (New for Spring 2012)
Medium - 15″H x 15″W x 7″D (Discontinued for Spring 2012) 
Envelope Luggage -  Not too sure about this one but I think it runs similar to that of the regular luggage.
Phantom -  small: 11″H x 12″W x 10″D  // large: 13″H x 14″W x 11″D  | $2,600+
Cabas -  16" H x 13"W x 6" D   | $1,100+
Trapeze -  9.5″H x 12″w x 7″D  | $2,100 - $3,900
Box - small:  7″W x 5″H x 3″D; 20″ length of strap // medium:  9″W x 8″H x 3.5″D; 37″ length of strap //  large: 11.5″ x 10″H x 3.5″D  | $2,900+
Triptyque - 9″H x 14″W x 6″D  | $2,300+


Palmeleto Leather, hand-drummed smooth calf leather; the same variation as mine. This leather is famous for being used on the finest handbags, such as Celine Classic Box bags and those by Hermes.
The interior of all palmeleto leather exterior is lamb skin making the bag very luxrious but heavy at times. This luxury also adds to the price tag but I tell you, it is worth every penny.

Pebbled Leather which is also calf leather but it is treated differently so it looks more like its raw form with more texture. The interior material paired with this leather is PL, also known as polyester or alcantara which gives off the appearance and feel of the material  to that of suede. It supposedly is tougher and does not cause the bag to slouch, but the thought of polyester and Celine together is offensive. =/

Past collections included pieces in leathers like baby buffalo, suede, Mongolian lamb, striped flannel, python and crocodile skin.  The croc-suede combo was asking $16,000a pop. 

Where to buy:

Bergdorf Goodman
Kirna Zabete
Call celine boutiques around the world. They ship worldwide.

And finally, some photos for you to ponder on...

Nano Luggage via hotlovedrama
Envelope Luggage via Celine
Box via leblogdezon
Cabas via babyanything
Trapeze via missingmissp
Triptyque via ixbag
Phantom via google image
Mini Luggage via bagthatstyle
Looking for my next Celine...should I get the Nano Luggage or Trapeze?


  1. UGH I love Celine bags but they're way too expensive for my budget! I am JEALOUS! xo


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  4. They are all beautiful! I don't think you can go wrong.


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  7. I love these bags, my favorite one is the nano !
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  8. gorgeous. it is so hard not to have celine even within my budget grasp. adore their bags.
    kw, Ladies in Navy

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  11. Sooo pretty. I wish I could buy one ;)
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  12. Celine bag is such a wonderful bag! I need one in my life!

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