Sunday, February 12, 2012

Highlight of the week - Simply French Cafe, Bel Cafe, Chie Mihara pumps, etc

Sharing with you random things and activities that compromised the second half of my week. Enjoy! :)

 French macaron baking class at Simply French Cafe. Here I am piping the meringue shells onto the baking sheets.

simply french cafe vancouver macaron

The baked and wrapped (ready to gift) French macarons that we baked at Simply French Cafe. We learned how to make two flavours - raspberry buttercream and white chocolate coconut. Our instructor made the lemon ones. Freshly baked macarons are unbelievably chewy and extremely yummy! I will re-live this experience in my own kitchen sometime next week. Stay tuned for tips and recipes.

jang mo jib korean richmond vancouver

Dinner - Korean BBQ Kalbi short ribs with mung bean sprout and dumplings side dishes from Jang Mo Jib.

 Work - Received a pile of design boards for review. In case you were wondering, the row of upright tubes are wool poms to show all the shades of the carpet.

Chie Mihara Nabila polka dots pumps. These Nabila pumps come complete with curled eye lashes and red pout. So cute and very Chie Mihara if you are familiar with her design. 

 Lunch - Bel Cafe Spiced Pulled Chicken Sandwich. This was a delicious sandwich with tender full-of-flavour shredded chicken, arugula, provolone cheese, caramelized onion and roasted pepper finished with harissa chili aioli. The bread was thin and toasty (just the way I like it). I am not a fan of the soft center in bread. It was not over-powering with mayonnaise or condiments either, just a tad bit of the harissa chili aioli to moisten the bread. And although it is a chili spread, it was not spicy and you hardly notice it. A little pricey for a sandwich at $10.60, but it was well worth the money. 

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